Accepted Papers

An overview of health monitoring systems for arrhythmia patients
Saoueb Kerdoudi, Larbi Guezouli and Tahar Dilekh
Impact of Normalization and Data Augmentation in NER for Algerian Arabic dialect
Mohamed Amine Cheragui and Abdelhalim Hafedh Dahou
Hybrid Approach Based on Grey Wolf Optimizer for Dropout Regularization in Deep Learning
Selma Kali Ali and Dalila Boughaci
Probabilistic Forwarding in Named Data Networks for Internet of Things
Adel Salah Ould Khaoua, Abdelmadjid Boukra and Fella Bey
An Illumination-Robust Face Recognition Approach Based on Convolutional Neural Network
Abdessalam Hattab and َali Behloul
A Comparative Study of Metaheuristics Based Task Scheduling in Cloud Computing
Arslan Nedhir Malti, Badr Benmammar and Mourad Hakem
Autoencoders and Ensemble-based solution for COVID-19 Diagnosis from Cough Sound
Hamdi Skander, Moussaoui Abdelouahab, Mourad Oussalah and Saidi Mohamed
Multi-Layer Perceptron for Intrusion Detection using Simulated Annealing
Sarra Cherfi, Ammar Boulaiche and Ali Lemouari
Efficient Coronavirus Herd Immunity Optimizer for the UAV base stations placement problem
Sylia Mekhmoukh Taleb, Yassine Meraihi, Selma Yahia, Amar Ramdane-Cherif, Asma Benmessaoud Gabis and Dalila Acheli
Trajectory Tracking of an EV3 Robot based on Optical Flow
Ghania Zidani, Djalal Djarah and Abdeslam Benmakhlouf
Rumor Detection in Algerian Arabizi based on Deep learning and Associations
Mohamed Charafeddine Bousri, Riad Bensalem, Samah Bessa, Zineb Lamri, Chahnez Zakaria and Nabila Bousbia
Modified Fisher Discriminant Analysis, an Application on Facial Detection
Mokhtar El'Amine Korichi and Nabila Benyoucef
Evaluation metrics in DoS attacks detection approaches in IoT: A survey and a taxonomy
Mohamed Riadh Kadri, Abdelkrim Abdelli and Lynda Mokdad
Auto-Diversified Ameliorated MultiPopulation-based Ensemble Differential Evolution
Besma Hezili and Hichem Talbi
Communities Detection in Epidemiology: Evolutionary Algorithms Based Approaches Visualization
Mokaddem Mostefa, Baghdad Atmani, Ilhem Idriss Khodja and Hamza Amar Setti
Plant Recognition Using Data Augmentation and Convolutional Neural Network
Said Labed and Hamza Touati
Combined Use of PBMN and Rewriting Logic for Specification and Analysis of IoT Applications
Sofia Abbas, El Hillali Kerkouche, Khaled Khalfaoui and Allaoua Chaoui
The IoT ecosystem: Components, Architecture, Communication technologies, and Protocols
Seloua Haddaoui, Salim Chikhi and Badreddine Miles
A Volunteered Simulation Environment applied to 2D-NCCA enumeration
Kadache Nabil and Seghir Rachid
Platforms Cooperation based on CIoTAS Protocol
Bouchera Maati, Djamel Eddine Saidouni and Mohammed Mounir Bouhamed
Survey of the Arabic Machine Translation Corpora
Baligh Babaali and Mohammed Salem
An Example of a Dynamic CPN Model to Obtain Routes in the Presence of Obstacles Detected Using Machine Learning Techniques
Ahmed Bouzenada, Mohammed Mounir Bouhamed, Oussama Kamel, Hermenegilda Macià, Gregorio Díaz and Allaoua Chaoui
Cardiovascular diseases prediction based on Dense-CNN and features selection techniques
Farida Brahimi, Abderzak Manaa, Zahira Chouiref, Mohamed Kessouri and Mourad Amad
Diabetic Retinopathy Detection Using Deep Learning
Kaouthar Manar Fellah, Samir Tigane and Laid Kahloul